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MegaSpore for Kids Gummies
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MegaSpore for Kids Gummies
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MegaSpore for Kids Gummies
MegaSpore for Kids Gummies

Freedom Functional Medicine - MegaSpore for Kids Gummies

Product Details
MegaSporeBiotic for Kids™ gummies contains four Bacillus spore-forming probiotic bacterial strains that are naturally designed to navigate digestion with 99.99% survivability. They arrive in the gut, transition from spore to active form, and provide a practical and functional way for the gut microbiome to receive essential daily support. MegaSporeBiotic for Kids™ probiotic gummies combines spore-based probiotics' survivability with an innovative delivery method to support gut microbiome health and simplify daily life. Convenient and easy to consume, they’re a no-fuss addition to any daily routine! 

Supports gut microbial diversity** 
Maintains levels of crucial, health-supportive, commensal gut bacteria** 
Supports healthy gut barrier and immune function** 
Maintains healthy gut microbiome function**
Backed by multiple research studies and extensive clinical validation** 

Suggested Use:
Ages 4+: 
Take 1-2 gummies per day, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.  Chew thoroughly before swallowing.
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