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My Story

Born in Albany, Oregon, I became interested in medicine at a very young age. For my undergraduate degree, I studied at Oregon State University and then traveled to Des Moines, Iowa to get my Doctor of Osteopathy. I completed my residency training in orthopedic surgery in Detroit, Michigan, and a fellowship in trauma at Rutgers’ New Jersey Medical School’s University Hospital. After 10 years of practicing orthopedic surgery, I became interested in Functional Medicine because it became clear to me that our population was declining in health despite modern medical advancements.

I live in Rockford, Michigan with my beautiful wife and children, and believe in helping people by addressing disease at the foundational level. Restoring health to our patients through optimized nutrition, increased sleep quality, stress management, and exercise is far more fruitful and long-lasting than symptom-based treatment.

Dr. Blake Miller

Dr. Blake Miller, D.O., A-CFMP

What is Freedom Functional Medicine?

Freedom Functional Medicine provides a highly comprehensive medical and scientific approach to addressing illness and optimizing health. Our mission is to treat the underlying cause of illness, restore vitality, and assist you in your healthcare journey. Treating disease at the biological foundation eliminates symptoms and strengthens physiologic resilience. To enhance your health and improve longevity, we will individualize your plan for nutritional optimization, lifestyle changes, sleep, exercise, and supplementation. Learn more about function medicine vs. conventional medicine below.

  • Cost-effective & patient centered care
  • Holisitic & personalized treatment
  • Preventative & high-tech approach
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How We Can Help

Freedom Functional Medicine is an exclusively virtual practice, so you can seek the treatment you need in the comfort of your home. We are a specialty service and not a primary care alternative. This program is supplemental to conventional medical care, designed to enhance the human experience and upgrade your biology. You are required to have a primary care physician and are encouraged to follow their medical recommendations.

How the Program Works

  • Schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation to determine whether Freedom Functional Medicine can work for you.
  • Select a plan that best suits your health goals.
  • Complete intake forms and schedule a 30-minute consult with Dr. Miller to discuss health goals and a detailed nutritional reset diet.
  • Laboratory tests will be ordered and completed after the first visit.
  • The second visit of the program will address sustaining health gains, reassessing new goals, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
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