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Welcome to Freedom Functional Medicine

Our Mission

The human body is designed for resilience and self-healing; when appropriately nourished and cared for, our bodies have the capacity to heal themselves and prevent disease. Functional medicine provides an evidence-based, root-cause approach to treating disease. Our mission is to optimize your energy and your health through nuanced nutrition, enhanced sleep quality, stress management, and exercise physiology. With thorough blood, stool, and urine testing, we can identify and treat the source of the disease rather than the symptoms alone.

“The best and most efficient pharmacy is within your own system.”

Robert C. Peale

What Our Patients Have To Say

Conditions Treated

Metabolic Syndrome

Thyroid Problems

Chronic Skin Conditions

Gut Health

Hormone Imbalance

Joint Pain/Arthritis

Fatigue/Daytime Sleepiness

Autoimmune Disease