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cant lose weight
December 22, 2023

After making several lifestyle changes, you step on the scale but the number that pops up isn’t where you want it to be. Don’t be discouraged! When it comes to losing weight, consistency is key and it takes time to reach the results you desire. There could be a simple explanation as to why you’re still struggling to lose weight. With some adjustments to your routine, you can start shedding pounds and move several steps closer to your goal. Here are 5 reasons you may be having trouble losing weight:

1. Eating Too Much

eating pizza

Calories in, calories out has always been the formula to losing weight. Overeating is one of the most prevalent reasons folks struggle to manage their weight. We tend to consume more calories than we require for a number of different reasons. Binge eating and eating too quickly could explain why you’re eating too much. It’s a good idea to start tracking everything you consume — and even consider meal prepping — to help you keep count of calories and avoid eating too much. This added layer of accountability can help you rein in your eating habits, helping you to more easily lose weight.

2. Not Enough Exercise

Don’t neglect the calories out portion of the weight loss equation! Simply eating healthier is a good start when trying to lose weight, but it’s only a portion of what’s required to achieve the best results. Aerobic exercise and resistance training are known to be effective methods for weight loss, according to many scientific studies. If you sit all day at work, make sure to carve out some time each day for exercise. A mid-afternoon walk with the dog can be a convenient and effective way to burn calories and ease the mind at the same time.

3. Trouble Getting Good Sleep

sleepy man

Sleep affects more than just how we feel the next day. A lack of quality sleep could be behind why you’re having trouble losing weight! Poor sleep is one of the biggest risk factors for obesity and could hinder your ability to lose weight. Sleep deprivation can cause metabolic dysregulation and is closely connected to glucose intolerance, insulin resistance and increased oxidative stress that makes it more difficult to shed some pounds. Following a few simple tips can help you sleep better at night!

4. Not Enough Water

Did you know that drinking water can help to boost your metabolism? That’s right! Increased water intake has been associated with weight loss. Why? Being well hydrated helps the body burn fat while simultaneously suppressing appetite and making exercise easier and more efficient. Replace sugary sodas with water for a much healthier, zero-calorie option.

5. Eating the Wrong Foods

healthy food

The quality of the foods we consume has a significant impact on weight management. Replace processed foods such as chips and other snacks with whole foods full of nutrients like fruits and vegetables. Highly processed foods tend to be packed with sugar and salt while offering little to no nutritional value. Homemade snacks like greek yogurt topped with fruit offer a much healthier alternative! Make sure your diet is balanced so that you don’t neglect certain food groups that offer valuable nutrients.

One or more of these reasons could help explain why you’re having trouble losing weight. Did you know that exercise is extremely beneficial for overall health in a variety of ways, offering numerous benefits beyond just weight loss?!

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