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Microbe Manager + Ultra Binder
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Microbe Manager + Ultra Binder
Microbe Manager + Ultra Binder
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Microbe Manager + Ultra Binder
Microbe Manager + Ultra Binder
Microbe Manager + Ultra Binder

Freedom Functional Medicine - Microbe Manager + Ultra Binder

Product Details

Help Minimize Microbial “Die-Off”

Microbial Balance & Detox – This duo supports healthy microbial balance and the detoxification of microbial metabolites and other classes of toxins. Combining these products may offer a more comfortable experience with better outcomes.*

Microb Manager Softgels – Optimize your microbial environment with Artemisinin, berberine, Boswellia, Andrographis, curcumin and more. Our broad-spectrum hemp extract works synergistically to promote a healthy inflammatory response.*

Ultra Binder Powder – A powerful multi-toxin binder. Taken after Microb-Manager, it helps intercept and neutralize microbial die-off and other unwanted contaminants that have mobilized in the body.

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