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CBD Synergies-AX+
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CBD Synergies-AX+
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CBD Synergies-AX+
CBD Synergies-AX+

Freedom Functional Medicine - CBD Synergies-AX+

Product Details

Experience complete relaxation. CBD Synergies – AX+ is our classic ‘chill’ nanoemulsion formula blend of broad spectrum hemp extract, 5-HTP, GABA, L-theanine, and liquid Skullcap extract, with the new addition of the phytocannabinoid isolate cannabigerol (CBG), the “bliss” molecule anandamide, and lavender flower oil, designed to calm the mind and help the body return to a parasympathetic state. 

CBD Synergies – AX+ is delivered using Quicksilver’s proprietary nanoemulsion delivery technology for enhanced bioavailability and absorption of ingredients. 

Naturally flavored with lavender. 

  • Supports a relaxed mood 
  • Soothing effects on the mind + body 
  • Offers a healthy inflammatory response 
  • Aids neurotransmitter balance 
  • Quicksilver Delivery Systems® nanoemulsion technology offers 5x greater absorption compared to CBD in carrier oil  
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